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 Data Center Audit 2.6

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PostSubject: Data Center Audit 2.6   Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:51 am

Data Center Audit (DCA) is a non-intrusive, non agent based configuration management database (CMDB) web application for managing data center inventory. Designed as a simple ITIL, Data Center Audit offers the ability to view all IT elements by: IP address, host name, model name, serial number, operating system network adapter (driver and firmware level) rack location and location within the rack, and asset tag number. Additionally it also offers: view host-to-switch-to-storage mappings, reserve (check out) elements , full visual layout view of your Data center including a graphical view of each rack and granular details of each element within the rack , ability to export views into text comma separated values(CSV), user accounts and a detail log of all activity and changes per user. Data Center Audit includes the option to install a web server, so it may be run locally or remotely from any desktop or laptop. Runs on Windows and UNIX. Version 2.6 contains new color scheme, more detailed logging, and a more simplified install process

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Data Center Audit 2.6
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