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 Windows XP won't install because it can't set up the motherboard's RAID Controller

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PostSubject: Windows XP won't install because it can't set up the motherboard's RAID Controller   Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:02 pm


I am trying to install Windows XP Home edition, but it doesn't seem to have the drivers for the motherboard's RAID Controller, which are required if the system's two hard disk drives are to function in order that Windows can install on the boot drive.


When trying to install Windows XP or Windows NT or Windows 2000 on a RAID controller, you need to transfer the RAID drivers to a floppy disk. Then, at the appropriate moment during the setup process, press the F6 key and use the floppy disk as instructed. The reason Windows XP won't install is that the NT kernel (which Windows NT, 2000, and XP all have), doesn't have the RAID drivers, and therefore doesn't know how to access the motherboard's RAID Controller - unless it can load the Controller's drivers from an external source such as a floppy disk or CD.

1. - If necessary, implement your backup strategy. Visit the Software page on this site if you need to develop one.

2. - Obtain the RAID driver file from the motherboard's site, and copy it on to a floppy disk or CD-R/RW disk.

3. - Set the boot order in the BIOS to boot from CD, then RAID, then other drives.

4. - Insert the Windows XP CD, and restart the computer. Press the F6 key to install an additional or third party driver when prompted, and follow the instructions to do so.

It would be a good idea to download all of the latest device drivers for the motherboard from its site, and copy them on a CD-R so that you can install them imediately after Windows XP has been installed. This is a good idea because Windows can load its own standard device drivers, or outdated drivers made by the motherboard chipset and HDD manufacturers.

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Windows XP won't install because it can't set up the motherboard's RAID Controller
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